Spinal Cord Essentials

Spinal Cord Essentials is a series of free patient and family education handouts for people with spinal cord injury. Handouts focus on practical information about living with a spinal cord injury. Topics cover self-care, mobility, medical management, and community living. Download handouts for free and share them with friends, family and caregivers. View Handouts…


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DOMAINS OF SCI: Spinal Cord Essentials is divided into 18 categories of content aimed to address all domains of spinal cord injury. Find the information you are looking for by visiting the Handouts Page. Can’t find the information on a specific topic? Leave feedback and we’ll add your content to our ongoing list of handouts for development.




Available in 5 languages!

Spinal Cord Essentials is available in English, French, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Persian.
More languages will be available in the future.

Spinal Cord Essentials is not only for people with spinal cord injury. Friends, family members, and caregivers can also learn to understand ways to help manage spinal cord injury.

Practical Information

Spinal Cord Essentials focuses on practical information on how to manage life after spinal cord injury. Many handouts give you step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish various tasks.

Self Management

Effective self-management is key to thriving after spinal cord injury. The first step to optimizing quality of life is the prevention of secondary health complications. Read about what you can do to prevent issues before they happen and you’ll empower yourself with the knowledge to live a prosperous life.

Concise Information

Spinal Cord Essentials was designed with the user in mind. Handouts are brief and have pictures and diagrams to help when possible. Many other resources are available with more detailed and specialized content. Visit our blog page to read about other recommended resources.

Mobile Friendly!

Spinal Cord Essentials is fully accessible through mobile devices. Need information on the go? Use your mobile device to view our responsive website and get all the features of the regular website! Helpful educational materials anywhere, any place.


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