Using Spinal Cord Essentials at Lyndhurst Centre (Toronto)

Spinal Cord Essentials was created at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute’s Lyndhurst Centre in Toronto, Ontario. At admission, patients receive a binder with general information about spinal cord injury. Over the course of rehabilitation, patients are encouraged to gather and review handouts relevant to their specific condition. The goal is to have a customized binder at the time of discharge to assist in preparation to living with spinal cord injury in the community.

Paper copies of handouts are available in cabinets across Lyndhurst Centre. Patients and family members can help themselves to the handouts throughout rehabilitation. Patients are encouraged to ask staff about the content of the handouts for clarifications.

Lyndhurst Centre in one of the largest dedicated spinal cord injury rehabilitation centres in North America and is located in Toronto, Ontario. Lyndhurst Centre is a part of University Health Network – Toronto Rehabilitation Institute’s Brain and Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program. It provides specialized rehabilitation for adults whose lives have changed because of spinal cord injury. For more information about the Brain and Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program, visit

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