Healthy eating can change your life after SCI.

Some say you are what you eat. We all know of the importance of a well-balanced diet but this can’t be emphasized enough after a spinal cord injury. Diet is a real important part of a healthy lifestyle to prevent and combat health complications.

Eat Well Live Well with Spinal Cord Injury was written for people looking to improve their health and function after spinal cord injury. The authors are two nutritionists whose lives have both been personally affected by SCI. Using personal experience and professional practice working with clients with SCI and other neurological conditions, they wrote a the first comprehensive nutritional guide dedicated to the specific needs of people with SCI. Families, friends, caregivers, health and medical professionals can just as well benefit from the content of the book.

The book contains 16 chapters which focus on specific secondary health conditions including: digestion, pressure sores, bladder infections, constipation/diarrhea, osteoporosis, pain, fatigue, respiratory infections, anxiety, stress, fatigue, sleep, liver function, cardiovascular disease, obesity.

Each chapter explains why the condition may develop after SCI and informs on how diet and foods can help prevent and heal. The book is full of information about specific nutrients (foods, supplements, herbs) and provides healthy, easy to prepare, and delicious recipes. Reference charts of specific nutrients and supplements recommended for each health condition make it easy to be sure you are eating the right things.

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