Wheel-Trans Instructions


Wheel-Trans is a door-to- door accessible transit service for persons with physical disabilities in the City of Toronto. To use Wheel-Trans, you must first register. This takes a few weeks. After you register, you can use their door-to- door bus service. Wheel-Trans customers can bring a guest or attendant. Find out more at www.ttc.ca.


The cost for Wheel-Trans is a standard TTC fare. Both you and your guest must pay. Your guest can travel for free if you have a TTC Support Person Assistance Card. Visit www.ttc.ca. for more information.

Booking: 416-393- 4222 or mywheel-trans.ttc.ca.

Always book as early as possible. When booking a ride for an appointment, you can book up to one seven days in advance. The minimum booking time is 4hrs. Expect to be more flexible when giving shorter notices. Bookings are first come first serve.

  1. When booking, have the following ready:
    • Your Wheel-Trans number
    • Date of travel
    • Full addresses for your pick-up and drop-off (and major intersection)
    • The time you need to be at your drop-off location
    • The time you need to be picked up to return
    • Will you have a guest/attendant traveling with you? One guest is allowed.
    • Which mobility devices do you use? E.g. wheelchair, walker, etc…
  2. You will receive pick-up and drop-off times. Be ready to write it down.
If you use a power wheelchair, it may be best to request a bus rather than a mini-van.
On the day of travel
  1. Be ready at least 10 minutes before your pick-up time.
  2. If your driver is more than 30 minutes late or you need to cancel, call 416-393- 4311.
  3. Verify pick-up times with Rideline (416-397- 8000) or online (www.mywheel-trans.ttc.ca)