Trillium Drug Program


The Trillium Drug Program provides funding assistance for medications in Ontario. For more about this program, visit

How to Qualify
  • Have a valid Ontario Health Card.
  • Total drug costs are higher than 4% of total net household income.
  • Your drug costs are not or only partially covered by private insurance.
  • Your taxes are up to date with Revenue Canada.
People Who Do not Qualify
  • People over 65 years of age.
  • Receive Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).
  • Residents of a long term care home or a home for special care.
How to Apply

You need to apply for the program every year. An application can be downloaded online or in person at local pharmacy, and mailed to the Trillium Drug Program.

How the Program Works

Before receiving the benefit, you need to pay for a set amount of drug costs. This is your deductible and is about 4% your net household income. Deductibles are paid quarterly. After you paid the deductible, the program starts and you only pay $2.00 per prescription.

Example: If your deductible is $800, you will need to buy $200 ($800/4) in medications before the program starts. Once the program has started, prescriptions are only $2.00 each. Each quarter (after three months), you will need to buy another $200 in medications before starts again.


The program only pays for medications covered by the Ontario Drug Benefit. If needed, your doctor can seek special approval through the Exceptional Access Program.