ROHO Cushions


A common ROHO Cushion is the Quadtro Select High Profile. ROHO cushions work best when they have the right amount of air in them. When well inflated, you should be sitting in the cushion, not on top of it. If there is too little air, bony areas of your bum won’t have enough support. If there is too much air in the cushion it may be too hard for your skin. This can also make your balance a little unstable. This handout will help you pump your cushion and test the air in it. For videos and more, check out

You don’t have to be sitting on the cushion to inflate it, but you must be sitting on the cushion to test the air.

If your ROHO is not properly inflated: It may put more pressure on the bony areas of your bum. This can give you a pressure sore which is very difficult to heal. A ROHO cushion that is well inflated also gives you more comfort and helps you sit up straight.

How to Pump Your ROHO Cushion
  1. To pump your cushion, you will need a ROHO pump.
  2. Unlock ISOFLO memory control valve by pushing the green knob towards the middle. Connect the pump hose to the valve.
  3. Open the air valve by turning it to the left (counter-clockwise). Inflate it until the cushion is firm but not too hard. It should arch a little.
  4. Close the valve by turning it to the right (clockwise) before removing the pump. This stops the air from leaking. Sit on the cushion to adjust air levels.
How to Adjust the Air Levels
  1. You must be sitting in the cushion to change the air pressure.
  2. Place your hand between the cushion and the lowest bony area of your bum. These are your sit bones. If you are not sure where the sit bones are, lift your leg a little and you should feel a bony area move in your hand.
  3. While keeping your hand under the sit bones, open the valve a little by turning it to the left (counter-clockwise). This will let the air out.
  4. Let the cushion deflate and lower until you can barely move your fingertips.
  5. Close the air valve by turning it to the right (clockwise).
  6. Check the height of the cushion. With your hand between the cushion and your bum. Push down on the top of the cushion with your fingers until you can feel the bottom of the cushion. There should be between 1.25 to 2.5cm (0.5”-1”) of air between your bum and the cushion bottom.
  7. Sit on the cushion as you normally would. Lock the ISOFLO memory control valve by pushing the red knob towards the middle.
How to Fix a Leak with a Patch Kit
Use the small patch kit that comes with your new cushion.
  1. Fill a sink or bathtub with water.
  2. Transfer to a safe, comfortable surface. Place your cushion with the top air cells facing down. Over-inflate it until all four corners start curling.
  3. Put the over-inflated cushion in water to find the leak.
  4. When you find the leak, mark it by putting a toothpick into the hole.
  5. Let the cushion to dry completely.
  6. Clean the area around the hole with an alcohol wipe. Let the surface dry.
  7. Peel the backing from patch and place the centre of the patch over hole. Press the patch down firmly until you have a good seal.

The cushion is now ready for use. Adjust cushion so it has the right amount of inflation. If your patch doesn’t fix the problem, or if there is more damage, contact your vendor.

Check patches often to make sure they are still working to fix the leak.

Keeping Your ROHO Cushion Working Well
  • Clean it by washing with soap and water.
  • Keep the cushion cover clean. It is machine washable.
  • Check inflation often to make sure your cushion is working.
Everybody’s tolerance and skin is different. Your cushion may need to be adjusted to the fit your needs.