MILE Life Skills Program


The MILE Life Skills Program helps people with a physical disability be more independent. It is offered through the Bellwoods Centres for Community Living to people living in the Greater Toronto Area.

Training offered at Bellwoods Centres for Community Living
Living Situation/Housing

  • Seek housing
  • Change in living conditions

  • Shopping
  • Money management

  • Feeding and nutrition

  • Prescribed and non-prescribed drugs
Communication and Scheduling

  • Telephone use/emergency
  • Direct your services
  • Ability to schedule

  • Using appliances
  • Food supply/storage
  • Meal preparation

  • Find equipment
  • Training with mobility devices
  • Venturing outdoors
Bathroom and Toilet

  • Seek bathroom/toilet equipment
  • Training in bath/shower method
  • Toileting transfer

  • Budgeting
  • ODSP
  • Get equipment funding sources
Community Services

  • Access attendant services
  • Shopping & home maintenance
  • Mental health/addiction support
Personal Care

  • Training with personal equipment
  • Dress/undress
Medical/Professional Assistance

  • Accessing family physician
  • Social work support

  • Leisure/employment/school
Environmental Hazards

  • Manage clutter

To apply to the program visit the Centre for Independent Living at To find out more about the program, visit

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