Getting Around as an Inpatient


During your stay in rehabilitation, you may decide to have an outing. Many services can help you get around the city. Below you will find some options.

Wheelchair Accessible Buses
Car transfer with one person assisting. Wheelchair accessible buses are available in Toronto and surrounding areas. They offer transportation at low prices. Most of these services cost a standard transit fare per one- way trip. When using these services, you must schedule pick up times in advance. Getting to your destination will take longer than taxis. Routes often include detours to pick up other passengers. Some services allow you to bring one or more guests. To use these services, you must first register. Registration usually takes a few weeks.

Wheel-Trans (Toronto Transit Commission)

  • Reservations: 416-393- 4222
  • Customer Service: 416-393- 4111
Wheelchair Taxi Services

Many taxi services have wheelchair-accessible taxis. These are modified vans with a ramp and special seatbelts. It is best to book these taxis as early as possible. When you call, ask for a wheelchair taxi and a price quote.

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

The TTC has many accessible subway stops with elevators to the ground level. Most buses and some streetcars are wheelchair accessible. It is best to check with the TTC before using the subway to make sure the elevators are in service. Accessible bus routes and stations can be seen on TTC’s website.

  • Elevator Status: 416-539- 5438
  • Customer Information: 416-393- 4636
Regular Vehicle
Car transfer with one person assisting. With practice, some people can transfer from their wheelchair to a regular car seat. Ask your therapist about transfer training. They can help you practice. Every car is different so it is often best to practice with the actual vehicle you will be using. For more about this, check out the Spinal Cord Essentials Car Transfer with Assistance handout.