Financial Assistance in Ontario


The Ontario government has two programs for Ontario residents in financial need. Ontario Works provides short-term financial assistance for Ontario residents in financial need. The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) supports people with disabilities in financial need. Both programs offer financial assistance and employment services. Ontario Works is a short term solution. People who need longer term solutions due to disability might qualify for ODSP. For more about Ontario social assistance, visit their website: Services include:

  • Income support: Financial assistance for basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter is provided. Sometimes benefits like drug, dental, and vision are covered.
  • Employment support: Services and supports help you find and keep a job, and advance your career.
How To Qaulify
  1. Live in Ontario and have a valid OHIP card.
  2. Be in financial need.
  3. Have a disability (ODSP only): A major impairment expected to last at least one year. The impairment prevents you from working and caring for yourself.

Each applicant is assessed on a case by case basis. Your Social Worker can help you apply. This can be done through the website, by phone, or in person. Once you receive Ontario Works, you can apply for ODSP through them. Applications can take weeks or months to be processed. Some of the documents that you will need include:

  • You and your family’s personal and financial information
  • Personal documents (social insurance number, birth certificate, health card)
  • Financial documents (to show financial need)
    • recent bank statements
    • copy of your mortgage or rental agreement

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