Get Active with SCI Action Canada

SCI Action Canada’s goal is to advance physical activity knowledge and participation among Canadians with spinal cord injury. About 85,000 Canadians live with a spinal cord injury and nearly half don’t participate regularly in leisure time physical activity (e.g., sports, exercise). With the tools and guidelines provided by SCI Action Canada, anyone with spinal cord injury can be active in a safe way.

SCI Action Canada was established in 2007 as a partnership of community-based organizations and university-based researchers. Their mission is to develop and share evidence-based strategies, practices, and tools that can help people with spinal cord injury live more active lives.

SCI Action Canada has published Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults with SCI which are currently available in 11 languages. Their Get Fit Toolkit recommends safe exercises and activities for people in manual or power wheelchairs. A newly launched Get in Motion service can help put people with spinal cord injury in contact with an exercise counsellor to receive guidance on exercise.

Visit to find out how you can participate in an active lifestyle today!

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