Binder Introduction

At Lyndhurst Centre, Spinal Cord Essentials has a binder to help you stay organized. During your inpatient stay, you and your health care team will add handouts to the binder. The goal is for you to have a customized binder with information that is important to you. Once you leave the hospital, read the handouts in the binder every once in a while. You can learn something new every time.

The binder is yours to keep. Take the binder home with you. Share the information with your friends, family and caregivers. Use it to store Spinal Cord Essentials handouts and other documents you receive during rehabilitation.

Handouts are colour-coded to help you stay organized. In the footer every handout, a coloured bar shows you the binder tab where the handout belongs. For example, handouts about to Mobility will have a blue footer. Place these handouts in the blue Mobility tab of the binder.

Ask your Health Care Team

Spinal Cord Essentials doesn’t replace your health care team. Handouts are to be used as general guidelines. Always follow the advice of your health care team.

Ask your team members to review the Spinal Cord Essentials handouts with you:

  • When you first get a handout.
  • If you have any questions.
  • Before discharge.