Spinal Cord Essentials was developed at Lyndhurst Centre in Toronto, ON. Lyndhurst centre is the home of University Health Network’s Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Program. Handouts were written by health care professionals at Lyndhurst and edited by the Spinal Cord Essentials project team.

Our Mission:

The purpose of Spinal Cord Essentials is to provide practical information to help you live a healthy and productive life. We want to make sure that anyone going through a Spinal Cord Injury has access to the right information. The handouts in our page will contain information about:

  • Preventing health issues related to spinal cord injury.
  • Skills and knowledge about living with spinal cord injury.
  • Community services and financial assistance.
Spinal Cord Essentials has been made possible by:
  • Alexandra Ponikvar
  • Alice Zhao
  • Andree Gauthier
  • Angela Kam
  • Anita Goyal
  • Anne Hu
  • Ayesha Siddiqua
  • Carol Scovil
  • Carrie Irwin
  • Catharine Craven
  • Chandy Green
  • Charlene Alton
  • Cheryl Bradbury
  • Courtland Thomson
  • David Clark
  • Diane Leber
  • Eduvijes Pascua
  • Fahreen Ladak
  • Farhana Jaffer
  • Gillian Lynne-Davies
  • Gloria Kwan
  • Heather Densmore
  • Heather Flett
  • Helen Morris
  • Inka Dreger
  • Jamie Young
  • Jay Sandersara
  • Jennifer Holmes
  • Jill Peterson
  • Jim Huth
  • Josh Williams
  • Karen Davies
  • Kristina Plourde
  • Lori Epstein
  • Lori Murphy
  • Mahdi Dadbin
  • Marlene Adams
  • Melanie Alappat
  • Mike Monize
  • Nathan Wong
  • Nicole Colacci
  • Olga Koveshnikov
  • Patricia Bain
  • Patricia Gottschalk
  • Patricia Stapleford
  • Rita Mabrucco
  • Sandi Disher
  • Shannon Phillips
  • Sharon Ryan
  • Sivakumar Gulasingam
  • Stefan Morin
  • Susan Conner
  • Susan Farndale
  • Suzanne Iafolla
  • Sylvia Cooper
  • Sylvia Haycock
  • Tamara Schultz
  • Tara Anderson
  • Tess Devji
  • William Shieh
  • Yuri Tokman

Special thanks go out to the team at SCI-U for contributing content and graphic illustrations. Additional illustrations by David Clark. Photography by Betty Chau and Jude Delparte. Additional thanks to the Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s peer support volunteers for feedback on handouts.

This project was initially made possible through the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Alternative Funding Plan Innovation Fund. Funding in 2015 was provided by the Paralyzed Veterans of America Education Foundation. Additional support has been provided through the Toronto Rehab Foundation.