Patient Education Services


Preparing yourself to live in the community is an important part of your rehabilitation. Each day you will learn something new about living with and managing your spinal cord injury. There is a lot of new information to learn. Learning to manage health complications that come up will help you to be more successful in the community.

Getting Started Education Sessions

As part of your rehabilitation, you will attend weekly education sessions called “Getting Started”. These sessions cover various topics about managing spinal cord injury. Take a look at the information board outside the main gym for the current schedule. Topics covered include:

  • Skin
  • Bladder care.
  • Emotional well being
  • Bowel care
  • Sexuality
  • Preparing for discharge
Spinal Cord Connections Resource Centre

Spinal Cord Connections Resource Centre is located on the main floor of Lyndhurst Centre beside Reception. The centre is a partnership between Lyndhurst Centre and Spinal Cord Injury Ontario. It offers a welcoming environment for people with SCI and their families, friends and professionals. There are a wide variety of resources available. Information can help increase independence, self-reliance and full community participation. Drop by and check it out. Resources include:

  • Computer access
  • Workshops
  • DVDs
  • Books
  • Pamphlets
Spinal Cord Essentials

Spinal Cord Essentials is a great resource. Check the cabinets around Lyndhurst for handouts and visit the Spinal Cord Essentials website. On-line you will find the handouts in English, French, Farsi, Chinese and Spanish.


SCI-U is a series of 10 multimedia courses about learning to live with spinal cord injury. The courses have been designed to give you the information you need to live a healthy, active life. They were developed by people who live with SCI, in collaboration with researchers and clinicians. Visit for more information.