Bladder Supplies Vendors


Bladder supplies include catheters, drainage bags, tubing and more. Once you get a bladder supply prescription, you will need to find a supplier or “vendor”. Vendors include pharmacies, specialty stores, manufacturers, and department stores (online or in-person). This handout only lists specialty stores and manufacturers. Vendors might not carry all supplies so you might need to use more than one vendor to meet your needs. If you need to find more vendors, search online or contact Spinal Cord Injury Ontario for help.

Choosing a Vendor

If you are receiving financial assistance (e.g. MVA, WSIB, Ontario Works), you may be limited to approved vendors. OHIP and Assistive Devices Program (ADP) do not pay for bladder supplies. Contact your insurance company to find out what supplies they cover.
Here are some things to think about when choosing a vendor:

  • How much do the supplies cost?
  • Do they deliver directly to your home? What is the delivery cost?
  • What do other people say about their services? (e.g. Do supplies arrive on time? How was customer service?)
  • Do they offer an incentive program?
Specialty Stores

Many pharmacies and department stores carry bladder supplies. Other stores sell only medical equipment or bladder supplies. Some specialty stores include:

Action Mobility 519-767-1300
Capital Home Medical Equipment 1-877-537-3287
CatheterPLUS Patient Program 1-877-563-7422
LESLAM Company Limited 647-748-4388
Health Gear Medical and Safety 705-949-4327
National Home Health 519-578-3188
Ontario Home Health 519-821-9519
Ontario Medical Supply 613-244-8620
Shoppers Home Health Care Contact local store
SCI Supply 1-877-363-2284
Starkman’s 1-800-387-0330
WHYP Inc 1-888-696-9497

Manufacturers can be a good resource to get information on the supplies you need. Some even provide free samples. Common manufacturers include:

This is not a full list of vendors. UHN does not recommend one company or person over another and is not responsible for the care and services provided. Contact vendors directly to make sure the information is correct or to find out more about their products. Websites and web links may change.
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